Garlic is an allium, related to onions and leeks. It’s very strong raw, but more mild cooked, and has loads of health benefits!


Store garlic at cool room temperature, out of direct sunlight, and with good air flow, for up to 6 months. If you want easy access to it for cooking, blend it up with some olive oil and store in the fridge. Then just use a spoonful to add flavor to a dish.


Garlic is delicious in any dish! Start your meal off by sauteing some onions, add garlic once they turn translucent, and the meal is bound to be delicious! Garlic is commonly minced, or chopped very finely, for recipes, but the flavor varies depending on how you cut it (or if you don’t) – experiment to find out what you like and how much effort it’s worth to you!

Rachel loves putting 4 whole garlic cloves in every meal, and when no one else is willing to eat them, she happily volunteers. This is especially great with roasting veggies, so the garlic isn’t tiny and easily burnable.


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