Summer squash


Summer squash are members of the cucurbit family (along with winter squash, cucumbers, and melons). They have soft, edible rinds like cucumbers, but are less watery. Zucchini is a type of summer squash, so we use these terms interchangeably because zucchini cooks just like other summer squash. Summer squash comes in many shapes, and shades varying from dark green to yellow to light orange.


Summer squash will keep at room temperature for a few days, or in an unsealed bag in the fridge for up to two weeks. We love to shred it and freeze it in quart-size freezer bags (or other quart-size container) so it’s handy to use in recipes year-round. It can also be pickled similarly to cucumbers.


Summer squash can be eaten cooked or raw. It’s great in stir-fry or curry, sliced raw with dips, or pickled.


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