Garlic scapes


Garlic scapes are the garlic plant’s attempt to flower. The little bulb you see would turn into a flower, but we harvest them at the base of the stem so that the plant puts more energy into producing the bulbs. Scapes taste just like garlic and can be used anywhere you like a garlic flavor!


Scapes store in an unsealed bag in the fridge for about two weeks. They’re also very tasty and retain a nice crunch when pickled. I also sometimes just blend scapes up with oil and keep that in the fridge for several months. Use a spoonful whenever you don’t feel like mincing garlic.


If you want to use them as a garlic substitute, just follow recipe instructions for garlic (usually, chop finely and add a few minutes after the onion). If you love garlic flavor, scapes can also be used as a stand-alone vegetable. Chop them into bite-size pieces and add to stir-fry, or try with butter like green beans!


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