Fennel is an aromatic vegetable related to carrots and celery. The seeds are probably most recognizable – they are the defining flavor of Italian sausage. Many people compare the flavor to anise. We harvest fennel before it goes to seed, and the entire thing is edible: the stalk is a delicious vegetable and the fronds make an excellent garnish!


Fennel stores for a week or two in an unsealed bag in the fridge.


Fennel is good raw or cooked, but it is pretty hard, so slice or shave finely if eating raw. Think of it as you would an onion when preparing. It pairs famously with beets and goat cheese in a salad, but it’s also great in a batch of roasted veggies, or in an Italian dish like pizza or spaghetti. Use the fronds as garnish on any of the above, or on a salad.


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