Tomatillos are mild, tangy, a little crunchy, and very versatile. They’re well known as the main ingredient in salsa verde. They are bright green, sometimes with purple, and grow with little husks on them.


Tomatillos store for a week or two at room temperature, and longer in the fridge. They also freeze well, and can be canned as salsa verde!


Tomatillos are edible raw or cooked. You can use them like a tomato; they are just a bit firmer, so be sure to plan that into how your recipe will turn out.

  • They pair well with this Southwestern Squash Hummus (or anything with those flavors)
  • Use with or in place of the tomatoes in this Fresh Summer Salad
  • We love this quick tomatillo condiment: chop up some tomatillos, add just enough lime juice to coat them, and salt! It’s even better if it sits for a few hours first. (And of course, you can add a hot pepper and some cilantro if you’d like.) This is great on meats, stir-fries, tacos, chili – pretty much anything!

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