Vit Mache


Vit Mache, also known as corn salad, is a sweet, tender salad green. You can use it as you would watercress or spinach. Rachel discovered this green in Germany a couple of year ago, but we have not encountered it in the US, though we were able to find seed here to try growing it ourselves!


Vit mache will last up to a week in an unsealed bag in the fridge. Avoid washing until right before you use it, as water makes it deteriorate faster.

To freeze, blanch it (dip briefly in boiling water) and place in an airtight container.


Like other tender leafy greens, vit mache is best cooked very little. Eat it fresh in a salad, or add it to a dish for just the last few minutes of cooking. Use it fresh in pesto as a cheaper, more mild flavor. It’s also great in scrambled eggs. Place in the pan before the eggs, cook until wilted, then add eggs.


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