Celery root


Also known as celeriac, celery root is an umbellifer (related to parsley, carrots, fennel, cilantro, and dill). It tastes just like celery but is milder, so use liberally wherever you like a celery flavor.


With the stems and leaves removed, celery root will store in an unsealed bag in the fridge for a few weeks.


In flavor, celery root has the qualities of celery, but in cooking techniques, it has qualities similar to a potato. So, dice it and roast it, put it in stews, try it in stuffing, or slice it thinly and bake it with cheese! Be sure to cook it until it’s fork-tender.


  • Use it in soups and stews for flavor and bulk
  • Roast it with olive oil and other veggies for a tasty side dish or snack
  • Smitten Kitchen’s Root Vegetable Gratin

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