Celery is a fibrous, fresh-tasting vegetable that is very versatile and common in many recipes. The stalks (stems) and leaves are both edible, but it’s best known for the stalks.


Celery will keep for over a week in an unsealed bag in the fridge. You can also chop it and freeze it in small pieces to have on hand for soups all winter long.


Celery is a common flavor in many recipes, so add it to anything where you’d like the flavor. Add it early on in cooking, with the onions, if you want it softened, or later, towards the end of cooking, if you want it to retain its crunch. The leaves make an excellent garnish or salad topper.


  • Crock Pot Gumbo
  • Celery is a great addition to any soup.
  • Think Thanksgiving! Chop and freeze, then add to stuffing or other side dish you’ve been assigned for the holidays.
  • Classic Ants on a Log: Slice the celery into 3-inch pieces, fill with peanut butter, top with raisins, and enjoy!

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