Melons are the sweetest member of the cucurbit family. They have a tough outer rind but the flesh is soft and delicious. There are countless varieties of melons that come in many shapes and sizes. The outside can appear brown and crackled, like in the photo, or in several shades of green or yellow with stripes or spots. The flesh may be green, yellow, red, or white.


A whole melon will store at room temperature, out of direct sunlight, for a week or two. Once you cut into it, refrigerate the leftovers for up to a week. The fewer cuts, the longer it will last, so only cut what you’ll need. If you can’t eat it within a week, cube it and freeze it to use in the sorbet recipe below!


Melon is best eaten raw. Many people love to just eat it as is, but if you’re looking for creative uses, try it on a cheese plate! It pairs famously with prosciutto and other types of ham, or soft, mild cheeses.


  • Fast Melon Sorbet from Good and Cheap
  • Try it on a cheese plate
  • Top a salad with it – we love it with something bitter and strong like arugula

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