Carrots are a root vegetable that grow well nearly year-round. They are very sweet, very hard, and very versatile. They come in orange, purple, yellow, and white! The greens are edible too!

Carrots are Craig’s favorite vegetable.


Carrots store several months in an unsealed container in the fridge, if you cut the tops off. They are no longer good if they become slimy or floppy (sometimes you can cut off part to salvage).


Shredded carrots are great thrown into salads or stir-fries. Try slicing or shredding to different thickness and shapes, and find out what you like best for your favorite recipes. Carrots are edible raw or cooked. Cooked, they are generally considered done when they can be easily pierced with a fork. Raw, they are great in salads or as a snack on their own with a dipping sauce!


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