Onions are sweet, pungent, and go in EVERYTHING! I once heard a story of a person who would start frying onions before she even knew what she was making for dinner. They make a great part of any meal!


Store onions at cool room temperature out of direct sunlight for several weeks. (Note that the onions you’ll get in your summer boxes have not yet been cured, or prepared for long-term storage, so they may only keep for one or two weeks. Fortunately you can use them virtually every time you cook!)


Onions are stronger raw, so don’t worry about cooking them if you like that strength and crunch. Usually a good start to any meal is to fry onions until translucent, then add garlic (if a recipe says to do onions and garlic at the same time, don’t!! The garlic will burn! Add the garlic when the onions are translucent.) To caramelize onions, put them in a pan over low heat for about 45 minutes. It takes much, much longer than many people realize, but you don’t have to watch them very closely – just stir once in a while between emails or other chores. The key is waiting until they are nice and brown (but not burned)!


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